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Welcome to the NVMA Legislative Page!

The Nevada Veterinary Medical Association advocates for veterinary legislative and regulatory issues on the state level. The NVMA Legislative Committee and their lobbyist work to protect the practice of veterinary medicine and all issues affecting the health and well-being of animals in the state of Nevada. This allows veterinarians to focus on practicing medicine while still advocating for the health and safety of the animals that they care for and treat.

While the Nevada VMA is working tirelessly to protect your profession and the animals of our state, it is important that individual veterinarians advocate on key issues. The Nevada legislators do listen to the NVMA and their lobbyist, but what they care about most in the opinion of their constituents. You can help your profession by calling or writing your legislator or regulatory board to express your opinion on issues as well.

To find out who your legislator is or what district you live in, click here.

How do I contact my legislator?

  • Go to the Legislature’s website,
  • Click either Assembly or Senate on the left side of the screen.
  • For the Assembly, click "Current Assembly Members' Contact Information;" for the Senate, click "Current Senate Members' Addresses, Phone Numbers and E-Mail."
  • Either page will present the viewer with an alphabetical listing of the members, with their pictures and contact information. (Click on the legislator's name or picture for the legislative biography.) 

How does a bill become a law?

Tips on Effective Letter Writing to State Legislators



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 Legislative Key Contact Network

The most valuable asset the NVMA has in influencing legislative issues that impact veterinary medicine is our membership.

The NVMA would like to know those members who have a relationship with an elected official in the Nevada Legislature. Such relationships could include a client, neighbor, friend, relative, business acquaintance or someone with whom you serve on a community board.

In an effort to strengthen the NVMA’s Legislative Advocacy we encourage our members who have relationships with elected officials to inform the NVMA of that relationship by either calling the office at 775.324.5344 or e-mail This will allow the NVMA to immediately identify members who can be instrumental in contacting that elected official in the event we need his/her support on an issue.

This information will be used by the NVMA and will be held in the strictest confidence and not shared with anyone.


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