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Job Search

Job Search

Most recent graduates will enter private practice. But regardless of your professional track, you will need to seek employment. Below is an A to Z guide that will help you get started with that search or assist you with moving along throughout your career.

Associate Contracts (same article from "Transitioning to the Practice" section)

Budgeting for Salary Negotiations (same article from "Financial Planning" section)

Compensation and Compensation Models (same article from "Financial Planning" section)

Contacts with Potential Employers

Contracts and Restrictive Covenants (same article from "Transitioning to the Practice" section)

Cover Letters

Cover Letter Tips and Samples

Getting Ready for the Interview

How to Use Social Networking in Your Job Search

Is Educational Debt a Barrier to Buying a Practice?

Mentorship Agreement

NCVEI's Compensation Evaluation Tools

Prepare Your "Elevator Speech"


Resume Tips and Samples

Sample Associate Contract (same article from "Transitioning to the Practice" section)

The Job Hunt

USDA Veterinary Medical Loan Repayment Program

Veterinary Career Network

Community Search
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