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2011 Legislature Bills Monitored by the NVMA

The NVMA tracked 18 Bill Draft Requests of which 7 were passed by the 76th Session of the Nevada Legislature

The following is a list of bills that passed along with a link to the full language of the bill:

  • AB 98 (sponsored by Assemblyman Segerblom) – Enacts the Uniform Emergency Volunteer Health Practitioners Act which is an act relating to emergencies which allows a participating state to establish a system whereby medical and veterinary service providers from other states may register to provide volunteer medical and veterinary services in that state in the event of an emergency.
  • SB 17 (sponsored by Senator Wiener) – Establishes provisions relating to the reissuance of certain drugs for certain animals.
  • SB 191 (sponsored by Senator Manendo) – Revises provisions governing pet crematories.
  • SB 223 (sponsored by Senators Breeden, Parks and Manendo with joint sponsorship by Assemblyman Segerblom) – An act relating to animals; authorizing a person to report an act of cruelty against an animal; requiring such a report to be kept confidential under certain circumstances; making certain willful and malicious acts of cruelty to certain animals punishable as a felony; clarifying that a retailer, dealer or operator who separates a dog or cat from its mother is guilty of a misdemeanor under certain circumstances; and providing penalties.
  • SB 226 (sponsored by Senators Leslie and Parks with joint sponsorship by Assemblywomen Pierce and Carlton) – An act relating to trapping; requiring the Board of Wildlife Commissioners to adopt regulations governing the trapping of fur-bearing mammals in certain counties.
  • SB 299 (sponsored by Senator Manendo) – Revises provisions relating to the care of animals by requiring the board of county commissioners of each county and the governing body of each incorporated city to adopt an ordinance requiring commercial breeders of dogs or cats to obtain a permit to act as a breeder under certain circumstances. It also sets forth the requirements for the issuance of those permits.
  • SB 309 (sponsored by Senator Settelmeyer) – An act relating to livestock; authorizing a person to remove from his or her property livestock for which he or she has, by contract, provided care and shelter under certain circumstances.


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